Thursday, October 20, 2011

The great Frappe giveaway...Too Much...

Went to LaserQuest this week with some of our teens from my church.  We had a blast (get it?).  It's always fun shooting our teens, so I personally had a great time.  Actually, it's kinda fun shooting other youth workers too, so I was doubly blessed.  We played 3 games and some of our teens had not done this before, so I used them as human shields and for target practice. They had a lot of fun ganging up on me too, so it was fair - sorta…

After the shootings, we decided to go to Mickey D's before we headed back to the church.  When we got there, we noticed they had new electronic menus (flat screens) which was pretty cool (nothing to do with the story, but flat screens are always a good thing o talk about). We placed our orders. We had about 20 or so and that always overwhelms the workers creating confusion, but we try to help the workers and keep our teens aware when their order is ready. There is always some confusion, but in this case, I saw a lot.  

The employees started making Frappe's, Ice Cream cones, Shakes and other items in a flurry.  They just kept making them and putting them on the counter, calling out the order for someone to pick up the items. The teens grabbed their food and headed back to the bus.  Another youth worker and I stood there waiting on the last teens and saw an ice cream cone and 3 Frappe's siting on the counter.  We asked our teens if they got their orders and they all had except one and it wasn't on the counter.  We asked the employees if we should take them to the bus and they said take them.  No-one on the bus was missing an order, so we got several items too many.  The employees said to keep them, since they would just throw them away.  The youth workers united for that cause.

Lessons Learned: The Fail here is obvious, but it reminded me that the details are important and we miss them too much.  Employees just work, instead of focus; Church members just sit, instead of minister; children just obey, instead of transform; people just wander in life, instead of impact.  We have an opportunity to "do something" in life instead of just floating through.

Thought: Does "Too Much" describe you in the impact way or the floating way?

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