Friday, October 28, 2011

Little long today...What holds you back?

I am sicker than a dog (poor dogs - not sure why we attribute sickness to them) this week.  I don't get sick much, but when I do, I am a BIG WIMP (just ask my wife). I really just get the odd flu bug that gives me the headaches, dizziness and all those wonderful aches and pains through every joint in your body - even your teeth hurt with this one.  Truly a big pain!

Our church, like many, has an annual Anniversary Sunday to celebrate what God has done in the past year and to encourage people to get in church.  We have actually turned it into an entire week of ministry, rather than just focusing on the anniversary itself.  It's this final full week of October. 
During this week, we have huge emphasis on inviting people to our church and getting out the Gospel message of how Jesus died on the cross to save us form our sins and take us to Heaven when we die.  We have teens and adults out at bus stops in the early morning (leaving around 5:00 AM). We have over 50 nursing home services. We have old fashioned open air preaching services.  We pick up thousands of children on our buses and take them roller skating. We have a special Sunday service and several other activities during this busy week.
The goal of all these meetings is to hand out tracks and explain to children and adults how to accept Christ as their savior and ensure that they have Heaven as their home for eternity.  We clearly talk to people about their need to understand that there is an eternity and that it will be spent in either Heaven or Hell.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to understand how the Bible teaches you can know for sure that Heaven is your eternal home.
Not everyone believes like we do and we do not put others down, mock other beliefs or put high pressure sales tactics on those we speak to.  We simply ask them questions and share some verses, to help them decide what they want to do with eternity.
Everyone has passions in life, and one of mine has become sharing the Gospel message and talking to children and adults about Heaven.  This may not be your passion.  You may have a passion to encourage those in tough times, or help the needy, or work with underprivileged children, or help the sick, or make food for those who are unable, or do any number of things to be a blessing.  
My questions today is "What holds you back?" Whatever your passion is, don't let anything else get in the way. 

I had a choice this week; either I rest and get well or I just do all I can to help our church and keep involved in one of my passions.  If I chose the later, it would mean that i would be out a couple of nights and up very early every morning except one.  I don't say this in pride, but I chose to tough it out.  I honestly don't feel better, but I didn't let something as trivial as the flu get in the way of my passion. Compared to many others, in life, my flu is a joke and I should be grateful for each day I have. Sorry I am such a wimp...
Lessons Learned: There will always be something that can be used as an excuse to not do something, or start something or help someone. Don't let anything get in the way of your passions.
Thoughts: What holds you back?    

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