Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fail is not a four letter word...

I have had the joy of failing numerous times in my life and then looked back in regret, with pain and sorrow in my heart. I was fired from my first job, mowing yards, as a pre-teen. I was fired as an adult. I have been downsized twice. I left good jobs for other good jobs that didn't work out like I hoped. I've purchased items that I didn't need or were too expensive. I've been mean to loved ones and hurt them. I've carried a grudge. I've eaten more than I should. I've put my foot in my mouth more times than I can remember.

I've also been blessed with a lot of successes in my life, but I realize those are from the Lord, so I give Him credit for those.

What I have learned is that failure can hurt and it will try to steal your joy. It will also train you for the future and let you experience things in a different light, when you choose to let it. If you never take a risk, you will likely not fail, but you may also sit in a humdrum spot for the rest of your life. If I had not put my foot in my mouth or hurt those I love, I would never have understood forgiveness and the chance to reconnect. If I hadn't risked a job change, I wouldn't ever have learned new arenas in my life and I wouldn't have received any training in areas that were weak. I wouldn't have had the privilege of meeting new people or broadening my horizons or going to different States across the US. 

Failing has helped me in many ways!

Fail a lot. Let it hurt. Fix it. Take the risk. Fail a little more. Grow from it.

Lessons Learned: Don't fear failure. Use it to help you with your next lot in life.

Thought: What did you learn from your last failure?

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