Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Failing Big in Texas...

So, this is my first blog. 

I know there are other blogs out there with more famous names and better content, but I've had the privilege of failing in some areas of life and I came to realize that there's an awful lot of benefit in failing.  All of us fail and most don't like it, but it's gonna happen, so why not learn from it.  

I hope to share some serious stories, some funny thoughts and some spiritual, personal and practical applications.  Sometimes the ideas will talk directly about failure, but other times, it may just be something I learned that I thought could help someone else. 

The first story is this...

I was in Texas on business recently and had to drive from Houston to Galveston Island to Houston to Dallas to Irving to Bryan and back to Houston.  You already see my first failure in this one.  I drove 13 hours in a 26 hour period.  The good news is that there was a Buc-ee's (Google it to find the fun) along the way (if you end up on I-45 between Houston and Dallas, you need to stop and enjoy).  

As I planned this trip, I didn't realize that Bryan Texas was connected to College Station, TX.  I was staying in Bryan for my final night before catching a flight out of Houston back home.  College Station is the home of the Aggie's and I was literally right across the street from Aggieland (that is not an amusement park - it's their campus). 

I came into town around 6:30 PM and was zonked.  I saw a Chili's and decided to go eat there.  I walked in and got a few strange looks, but figured it was because I was an "old guy" in a college town.  Most everyone was a college student in the restaurant and had Aggie colors on.  My waitress came over, and was appropriate, but short in conversation.  I got my chips and salsa and noticed that a few people were looking my way.  Struck me strange, but figured I would just enjoy the meal.  

Then it hit me!  In my trip planning, I picked my outfit (I usually wear polos) and I chose a corporate shirt that I have in the great color of burnt orange!  I thought I would wear UT's color, since I was in their State (trying to be cool and help my customers to feel at ease).  I didn't know I was going to be in College Station.  

When my waitress returned, I told her I had never been here before and didn't wear Texas (A&M's arch rival) orange on purpose.  Her countenance changed and she told me she wouldn't hold it against me.  She was nice from that point on...she said that I wouldn't get beat up on the way out, because I didn't have a Texas logo on the shirt.  I said "Hook 'em Horns!"  Just kidding - I paid the bill with a bigger tip (protection money) and left.

Lessons learned: know where you are going, and if you are going to pick an allegiance, be prepared to stand. 

Thought: Did you realize the power of color?

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