Monday, January 23, 2012

Strange Dreams...believe in them...

Once there was a giant beaver trying to bite my big toe. 
I have some odd dreams sometimes and I’m sure that all of us could come up with stories of crazy dreams that we’ve had. Sometimes these dreams even happen in my sleep. 
Some people come up with ideas/plans/dreams/thoughts that don’t seem to make any sense.
Do you love other’s dreams? Even if you think they are strange? Odd? Ridiculous? 
Do you believe in their dreams?
Do you put them down? Do you tell them there’s no way to get that accomplished? Do you play block and tackle before they even get the dream started? Have you laughed at a goal that they set? Did you mock an opportunity they were looking to take?
If someone has a dream, try and help them with it. Did you have anyone support any of your dreams? We need support and we need encouragement to accomplish great things in life. If they were giving a speech late in life and mentioned your name as the reason that they tried that new endeavor, or wrote that book, or made that choice, wouldn't you be thrilled? What if you were the one that said don’t do it, and another person had their name mentioned. This is not about personal pride, but about helping others. We all need help all the time.
Dreams are scary to being with, because we don’t know where to start, we’re not sure where we’re going, we don’t know what bumps are along the way and we don’t know if they will work. Supporting in the beginning, at least gets someone started. It may not be the final direction, but you may have just helped that person to get on a path of success, just because you believed!
I have said to many people that we should be “blossoming” (thus the flower cookie for my picture today - nice touch, huh?) people. We should take the raw material we see and plant the right seed, so they grow to become someone great and beautiful. Even some weeds have very cool flowers. Someone may start off rough, but you may be the one that helps them become something cool, awesome or amazing in the end.
Lessons Learned: We are here to help others - don’t waste your time discouraging.
Thoughts: Who has thanked you for blossoming them? Or encouraging them? Or growing them? Or believing in them?


  1. You have encouraged me, both through this blog and by stopping by mine because of a comment on another one!  You are absolutely right that dreams can be scary.  God helps us overcome that fear by bringing us together to encourage each other!  Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and thanks for stopping by!  Keep up the good work and I love the title of your blog.  :)  I believe that God give us dreams and visions and I usually have mine EARLY in the morning.  Thanks for sharing this and thanks again for reading!  Blessings, cat moore

  3. Thanks fro reading and for commenting...spread the word if you feel my blog can help others...

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Craig. You've got a good thing going here!

  5. Thanks for the kind words and let others know about it, if it could help them...

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this post. It is so timely for me. I have finally been getting some clarity from God about my own dream, and it revolves around helping others realize theirs. I am a natural encourager, and I am learning to listen and obey when God wants to say something to someone through me. It is exciting. Looking forward to connecting with you more!

  7. You commented on #Hashtagfairytales a little bit ago and you said this blog is written for motivation and encouragement; spot on! Usually I encourage dreams by mocking their non-completion: I once told a friend, "Yeah, youp robably should give up on your dream, no one needs all of the insight that you naturally provide and your extreme passion is probably useless. Good call man, just give up now before you make a difference."

    That lit a fire under him! This post does anything but Stinketh! Very well done sir...this shall not be my last visit!


  8. Likely the best comment yet - well written and thanks for the hilarious motivation...

  9. Awesome post! Definitely something to think about -- if you encourage someone to pursue a dream that could in turn make a difference for even more people, just how awesome could that ripple effect be?

  10. Love your ripple effect comment - thank for reading and keep commenting...


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