Friday, October 21, 2011

Straighten up...with humble pie...

Today's thoughts include a picture of one of my pet peeves (I have lots). This one is when someone can't park correctly in-between the lines in a parking spot. Sometimes parking spots are small, so I know it can be challenging, but in most cases a vehicle fits just fine. 

My oldest Son has had his Driver's permit for about a year (going for his license soon - I will likely have a story about that some day). As his Dad, I have been trying to train him and prepare him for driving on his own. Sometimes that has meant encouragement and sometimes screaming like a 12 year old girl. Mostly it has been about telling him what to do and pointing out mistakes. That's hard, and I can tell you I have failed a lot with his training. I am way too picky. 

One of the picky items is that I tell him he has no sense of perpendicular. He struggles with being straight between the lines. This is where the Lord sometimes hits you right in the face with your own weaknesses. You see, the car in the picture is my car (you can call me cool now - it does have a Hemi!). Some of you that know me had that figured out already, but I'll tell you it hit me hard when I saw it today. 

I walked out of a restaurant at lunch and literally stood there in shock that I had parked so poorly. I had to humble myself and show my Son the pic and eat some humble pie (pecan pie is my favorite). I asked him what was wrong and he grinned and said, "it's crooked." Not only was I crooked, but I was barely in my own space. Way to go Dad?! Sometimes we all need to just sit back, calm down and enjoy some humble pie. Glad the Lord uses little things to teach us.

Lessons Learned: Be gracious in teaching and realize you make the same mistakes as the "pet peeves" you hate. I certainly have a ton of work to do on this one still!

Thoughts: Who have you gotten on to about something you might soon do yourself?

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