Friday, December 23, 2011

Failure is popular...

Recently, I read several articles and a couple of blogs about failure. I didn't realize is was such a popular subject - you know how encouraging failure is and all. It's very interesting that many people have differing opinions of failure and many people look down on those that fail, as if to say they never fail themselves, which is obviously not accurate. I am still of the opinion that failure can be the backdoor to success and that failure is important in our growth as a person. It's not always fun, but we can always learn from it.

I read two blogs this week that I wanted to link you to, because they had good thoughts on failure and they are noted bloggers nationally. Their blogs are relevant and helpful to me and many others. I would recommend that you join their blog as a regular reader (no pitch for pay involved here, just good thoughts from them). 

The first is Jon Acuff (click his name to see his blog) and make sure you read his thought on failure from at this link. He talked about expecting failure and gave a great quote from Michael J Fox - “If you fixate on the worst-case scenario and it actually happens, you’ve lived it twice.” We shouldn't focus on failure, but when we fail, we should just grow from it.

The other blog was from Seth Godin and it talked about the importance of learning from failure so that we don't keep repeating ourselves and falling more.

Both of these are good reads and short - enjoy!

Lessons Learned: Fail sensibly and learn from the fails you do.

Thoughts: Have you ever failed in the same way twice?  (I know I have, but three times would be horrible)


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  2. How cool - thanks - I will head over and read - appreciate it, Jacob!


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