Sunday, December 29, 2013

5 Things these old sunglasses taught me…

My oldest son was working with his Granddaddy, cleaning up yard debris and they found these old school sunglasses. They're not the fanciest of styles, and they're likely not really old, but they reminded me of some things that are important…

1. Spending time with family is always valuable…it creates memories.

When you look back over your life, family is the most important. They are the people that have molded you and helped you, have directed you and developed you, and they are the ones that have had the most impact. As you think about the past, the most valuable memories are the ones that include family and the ones that you would want to relive. Reminiscing about that family vacation, or the crazy sneeze that happened at the dinner table, or the laughter that occurred together, are all things that bring joy from the past.

2. Protection only works if the protection is used.

These sunglasses likely had some UV protection and, when worn, would have covered the person’s eyes to avoid the glare of the rays. The problem is, that they were in the ground, covered with dirt, scratched up and rusted. The protection is now useless. Even after I washed them up, there was no real value in them. If we have the protection of an umbrella, sunglasses, rules, and our family, we need to use them. It took me a long time to realize that the things that protect us have value that must be taken to heart.

3. Losing things stinketh

Nothing gets me riled up, like when I cant find something. I think that’s why I tend to have “a place for every thing, and a thing for every place.” If I always put my keys in the same spot, they will always be in the same spot, but if I choose a different place each time, then who knows where they are. Have you ever been looking for something and it just doesn't seem to exist? The person that lost these sunglasses likely tried to find them, but they were never found again. Losing things can be painful, but losing a relationship has an even greater impact - I revert back to lesson #1.

4. Finding a new treasure is like buying new cloths. 

If you're like me, whenever you get a new shirt, new suite or a new dress (not me, but you ladies), you want to wear it right away. In fact, if you're cool, you wear it to bed the night you get it. You want others to see what you got, and you have a feeling of accomplishment that motivates you, by the newness of the item. There is a certain excitement on Christmas day, when you open that gift and it’s the shirt you wanted, or those crazy cool socks that are the latest fad. When you find something, in life, keep that excitement for more than just the initial moment. Keep your enthusiasm simple and long-lasting.

5. Life changes and time passes by quickly.
This is a hard one. I’m only beginning to see how quickly time goes by, with age, children, family, marriage, ministry, jobs… It seems to be speeding up every day and there’s no way to hit the pause button. Those sunglasses were stylish at some point, but the styles changed. Those sunglasses were likely costly, when new, but now their value has rusted away. Don't take the time you have for granted. Impact someone today.

Lessons Learned: Time and people are precious each day.

Thoughts: What thing have you lost that impacted you? Who do you need to reconnect with today?

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