Monday, March 19, 2012

Microwaves times…

Notice how clean the microwave window is...

I think microwaves are an awesome invention and I don’t mean the tiny little waves that you can’t see, I mean the devices we use to “nuke” our food. They’re so quick and easy to use. What a great idea someone had.
I do wonder…

How did they figure out that microwaves heat things up? 
How did they figure out that microwaves heat things up from the inside out?
Who was the guinea pig that was tested on this?
How did the guinea pig fair in the test?
I’m not sure what the answers are for this, but I have some other microwave thoughts…
Why do microwave timers seem to take so long to count down when you’re watching them?
Why does it take so long for popcorn, but a hotdog will blow up in 22 seconds?
Why do I have to look at the microwave while it’s running?
Why do microwaves seem to always burn my finger on the items I take out of them? After 8 seconds?
Why isn’t there a cool-ro-wave for cooling things quickly?
Mostly, why am I impatient?
It all comes down to this - I want what I want right now and no matter how quickly I know it’s coming, I’m not satisfied with the timing results. A microwave should, not only, instantly warm my item, but it should prepare the entire meal in less than 4 seconds, like on Star Trek. 
I am never satisfied with the patience I have to show in life.
At the time of this writing, I’m in the midst of a career search and I get discouraged hourly at the trouble it is to look for a good job that meets my family’s needs. 
Doesn’t God provide my daily bread? 
Why am I getting bothered each hour? 
Why am I so impatient? 
It’s the microwave’s fault - it set me up for the quick expectation.
At least I have something to blame other than me...whoops - it’s me and not the microwave. I seem to have created personal expectations rather than waiting on the Lord. He knows my needs and desires and He has a perfect plan. I just have to follow it and stop being like a microwave…
Lessons Learned: Microwaves are great for food, but not for life. Impatience is a personal character trait, not the microwave’s fault.
Thoughts: Do you struggle with impatience too?


  1. Wow, Craig, you're preaching today! Impatience is one of my big stumbling blocks. I have started numerous activities only to quit because the end result was too far away. God has never let me down, but still impatience rears its ugly head.

    I hope your career seach lands you just where God wants you to be.  Hopefully you'll still have time to post on your blog.

  2. Sorry to step on toes today, but it's my issue too. Thanks for the encouragement and the comments. Keep reading. I'll try to keep it up...

  3. Random microwave comment...I hate it when i microwave mash potatoes and the outside is hot as lava, then the next bite from the middle iceberg cold.

    Impatience is a definite battle for me as well. Thanks for the post.

  4. It's true - how can a microwave randomly cook items and burn you and freeze you at the same time...


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