Monday, February 13, 2012

Barista Bold Decaf?

If you read my blog, you know my love for coffee and it's importance in my life. Look at Small Coffee, Devastating, Sadness, and Magical (whoa - I may need to cut back a little - sounds like coffee is taking over). With the fact that I like coffee so much, I drink it at most hotels that I stay at, too.  I don't drink decaf, because that's pointless - isn't coffee supposed to pick you up? Make you smile? Give you a boost? Decaf doesn't do anything except make you mad. You taste the taste, but it doesn't help you at all. It’s fools-gold!

When I passed by the coffee station at the Courtyard that I was staying at, I saw their pots with their labels and stopped in amazement. Hot water? I am not British and do not like crumpets, so the only thing that I could use the hot water for is to clean a spot of my jacket. The Bold was appealing to me because of it's masculine sound and how it matches my personality and style. 

Now for Barista Bold Decaf - triple whammy here. This makes no sense at all.
Barista - this is self serve coffee. Did I just get a promotion (or maybe demotion) to a Barista? Did I get a vanity title just for drinking this brand of coffee? This name does not work for me. 
Bold - how do bold and decaf work together?  What were they putting in the decaf to make it bold? Motor oil? Toxic waste? The grime from the garage floor? Were they secretly cafinating the decaf? How could decaf be bold. They take us for fools!
Decaf - no need to go there. No purpose in decaf.
All this made me think...hmmm. Here it is... 

I love coffee. 
Seriously, the thing that came to mind is how easily we are fooled by what advertisers say and do, or by people we meet or know.  Have you ever looked at someone else's resume or your own? They're full of keywords and flowering thoughts of the perfect person to hire. They show only the positives and not the negatives. They list the stats and the utopian personality they have. You look like a Greek god as someone goes through the list of your accomplishments. 
I'm not saying that they or we lie, but a resume makes everyone look like a genius and successful all the time. I've interviewed some of these folks and their resumes do not match the people I meet. I'm sure people have said that of mine, too. We all want to look good and every advertiser wants their product and service to look like it’s the best there is, even if it means using flowery descriptions to enhance and entice.
The advertisement of life is amazing and we have to dig deep to see the real in life. 
Don't be a pessimist, but think before you drink that Barista Bold Decaf. Think before you represent yourself as a perfect specimen. Think before you say as something that's a stretch beyond the real you. It's okay to have fun with a story to be more effective in its telling, but you can't embellish the story or embellish yourself either.
Lessons Learned: Be real and watch the vanity titles you give yourself.
Thoughts: Do you like decaf?


  1. danblackonleadershipFebruary 13, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    I also don't see any point to decaf coffee. I only drink the good stuff that gives me a boost.

  2. There is no other way. You are on the right track, Sir...

  3. danblackonleadershipFebruary 13, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    Have you had those Starbucks double shoots? Those are so good.

  4. Dan - I have not - I have new goal now, though...

  5. danblackonleadershipFebruary 13, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    Be careful they are addicting. You should be able to find them at any Starbucks and I have seen them at most stores. They are the small can ones.

  6. I am blessed, because I am average looking and have average intelligence.  People don't know what to think of me when they first meet me, so they have to pay attention if they want to know me.
    Coffee!  I am a former Starbuck's Barista.  Yes, I've been to coffee school and the whole shabang - it makes me a certified 'coffee snob'.  Decaf is for posers!  People who don't really like coffee, but they think its cool to drink it.

  7. Posers - love it. Thanks for the read and the comment.

  8. Erhm..... I have to disagree with your post here. I also stayed at the courtyard and, I prefer drinking coffee without the extra perks. I love it simply for the taste and I have to say.... the Barista Bold Coffee was simply the best one I have yet to taste. It's not to say that choices, and tastes are just like opinions. Your own. ;)

  9. Julie - glad you stopped by. Glad we have choices out there ;) BTW - I sill still drink he bold, if I have to...


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