Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary…to me...

Today is one year since I started blogging…

I’m amazed that I’ve kept this up, and amazed at how much I’ve enjoyed writing, and posted many different thoughts.

I’m also thankful to you that have read and commented over the year and the encouragement that many of you have given to me.

I’m now at a know, the point at which you decide which direction is the right direction and what’s the best use of your time, energy and influence. 

Should I keep blogging?

Should I say toodaloo?

What is the direction to go?

Am I actually helping people?

Is my blog influencing others?

Do I focus on another form of expression or help?

Does quitting make me a failure?

Is blogging a lifelong commitment?

What’s cool about this, is that we all have choices in life and we all come to crossroads.

Maybe about a job?

Maybe about ministry?

Maybe about a friend?

Who knows what crossroad you are dealing with right now, but I know we all come to them.

My simple thoughts are all to do with the concept of failure.

Make your choice. If it’s wrong, learn from it and make another choice. If that one’s wrong, make a new choice. Just keep doing something...doing nothing is a failure that can never help anyone else...


  1. I know you wrote this over a year ago but I though that it poses a lot of great questions in which I'm going through right now. I'm reminded that this is a good place to be in. It's uncomfortable but pushes us to succeed.

  2. Stephen - thanks for reading and fort he comment. Glad we connected.


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