Friday, January 20, 2012


Stinketh! (pronounced [stingk]-[eth]

That’s one of my favorite words. I say it a lot, because I fail a lot. It's also what I said when I came out of my Denver hotel to see my car like this...
I chose, a long time ago, not to use vulgar language. This is not the norm, but I have found it to come across as uneducated and unprofessional, and I just don’t like it. I feel you can use words more effectively and sound sharp with what you say. I think God made us to utilize everything to influence correctly and our language is part of that - little soap box there...
So I started using “Stinketh” when I mess up. It’s far away from a cuss word and, most importantly, it’s spiritualized. If you add “eth” to most words, they become much better. Look at these examples:
Jerketh - someone that is being obnoxious.
Faileth - softens the blow when you fail.
Fat-eth - spiritually plump.
Singeth - bad voice - all of a sudden, like an angel - just add the "eth" - like adding "chicken" to "noodle soup."
Dad-gumeth - southern spiritual cuss word.
Speedeth - breaking the speed limit legitimately.
Beateth - what my parents would do to me when I disobeyed - don’t worry, I deserved it.
Yelleth - when someone is mad and needs to be spiritual at the same time.
Encourageth - what spiritual people do when they gossip.
I’ll bet there are hundreds of these and this subject will likely be breached again as I hear some more down the road.

Even though this post is kind of silly, it seems to me that we sometimes miss the opportunity to benefit others with the words we say. Some will focus more on the slang and double meaning of words than on the influence that they can have on others with the language they should be speaking. Enjoy the humor, but don't forget to impact those around you with what you say.
Lessons Learned: Speaking better impacts you and others. Sound sharp and professional - use “eth” words.
Thoughts: Do you influence people correctly with the words you say? Do you have any good spiritual words? Seriously, share some with us.


  1. This made me literally laugh out loud! Happy Friday to you!!

  2. WE need the laughter, Katie - Friday's are great...

  3. That's hilarious!  Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Thanks for reading...funny how we spiritualize things - keep reading...

  5. haha my brother and i use "whomps". we got it from an episode of recess when we were kids.

  6. Funny - never heard that one before...keep reading and thanks for commenting...


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