Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Line cutters...and being gracious...

I have always been a rule follower. I like to go by the rules in board games. I like a standard for companies that I work with. I like to have rules of engagement for just about everything in life. Being a details person, I like to have a plan. I don't like to cut corners, or lines for that matter. It bothers me when I see others not follow the rules. Now, don't get me wrong, I speed some and I fail in obeying some rules in life.

As I was standing in line waiting to check in at Southwest (great way to fly), I was asked to come to the counter. Just as I got up there, a guy jumped out of the back of the line directly in front of me and scanned his boarding pass. The gate agent asked if he had cut and he nodded but proceeded to finish. I was a little frustrated with this since I, and others, stood in line and waited, doing the right thing. He finished and left, with no apology. I finished and then followed him into security and tripped him into the TSA agent at the scanner.  Just kidding - I never saw him again. 
This could have been something that ruined a person's day, if they dwelt on it and let it fester. It bothered me for a few minutes, but then I thought that he might be late and maybe he was heading home to his family. No need to let it bother me.  
In the TSA line that day, I hit the front of the de-robing line (I call it that because you remove just about all you own to get through) at the same time another man did. I waived him on. He thanked me and I said I was ahead of schedule. He then got tubs and also grabbed one for me. Now the difference here is that he was grateful and kind in his need to move forward in the lines where the other guy just cut. 
We all have situations to respond to each day. We have to respond to those who treat us kindly and fairly and we have to respond to those that put their own selfishness and bad attitude ahead of ours. We don't want to react, we want to respond. The difference in my mind is that reacting is not planned, where responding is thought through ahead of situations in life. 
Lessons Learned: Who God brings in your path each day allows you to learn and grow. The negative situations in life can always have a positive outcome. 
Thoughts: How have you reacted (responded) to a tough situation today?


  1. Okay, Craig Stumpf! You need to write for a newspaper.... Love your insights and the fact that you can put your thoughts on paper and the fact that it is a help for all of us, is a special bonus. Love ya, friend... Judith Fuqua

  2. Okay, Craig Stumpf, you need to write for a newspaper! The fact that you have the insights that you have and the way you can put your thoughts on paper as you do is a God-given talent. Thank you for sharing these insights with us in order to help us get through each day. You are a blessing! Love ya, my friend, Judith Fuqua

  3. Mrs. Judy - thanks for the kind words. Thankful to have the opportunity to share...


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