Monday, October 1, 2012

Strangely together…

I saw this at my office.

I couldn't make sense of the mix, but somebody ate this for lunch that day.

To me it seemed strange…

Honestly, it didn’t matter what I thought. Someone likely enjoyed this lunch and obviously didn’t ask me or care about what I thought. I wouldn't necessarily enjoy it, but I wasn’t the one eating it.

It made me think about the strange things that come together in life.

We’ve all seen that couple that didn’t match, yet had great joy together.

We’ve seen partnerships with the entrepreneur and the accountant, that had success.

We’ve seen the crazy friends that seem to get along, even though their personalities are completely different.

It reminds me that we are not the same.  

We are different and differences are good. We get the opportunity to grow, and change, and learn, all because we’re different. 

I work on a team, and none of us are the same. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but we make a great team, because some do things that others cannot and visa versa. If we were all the same, we wouldn't be able to get anything done. We would sit with the same strengths and the same weaknesses, frustrated about our tasks.

It’s so important to admire the differences in life, even if you don’t like them, because those differences are often a help to you, when your weakness needs filling with their strengths.

Lessons Learned: Don’t mock the differences, learn from them.

Thoughts: Are you enjoying the differences, in life?


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