Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are you like this match?

This match is awesome. I thought it might be a cool picture, but after I took it, I realized just how amazing it really is. Look at the flame. Look at the brightness of the red hot end. Look at the way it's burning down.

Are you like this match?

I see several important ways we should be line this match...

A. We need to be red hot. Whatever our cause or purpose is, we should be on fire for it. Too many of us only do things half-hearted lay and don't have any kind of focus on our purpose. We lack direction and end up wallowing around in life, rather than staying determined and creating something awesome. 

B. We need to impact. This little match impacted. It gave me light. It created a sensation of smell. It gave off heat. It caused a cool picture. It even impacted you, because of this blog. How are you impacting those around you? Are you bringing light to those that meet you? Are you creating a warm environment of encouragement to those in your circle? Are you giving off a sweet smelling odor to ones that need to have help making it through each day? 

C. We all impact differently. The match went out after I took the photo. It took a little bit of time, but it went out. I had to light another one to try to get the same effect, but I couldn't. Each match reacted a little differently. Some matches flamed out very quickly. Some had a small flame. Some began to bend one way or the other. Some were amazingly bright. Some took a long time to finish burning. We don't all impact people the same way. I'm glad! God made us to be used in different ways, on purpose. Whatever your impact ability is, use it!

D. We need to have a lasting impact. As I stated before, this match impacted, but it didn't know how long it would have an impact, how it would impact, or who it would impact. It just did what it does best - light, glow and burn. We don't know our impact. We know our abilities and we need to use them the best way we can, and let The Lord cause the impact. 

Are you impacting? Are you trying to impact? In you home? In your work? In your ministry? 

We all have a chance to impact. We all have abilities to change those near us. We all have gifts to help others.  

Lessons Learned: We all have a chance to impact. We all have abilities to change those near us. We all have gifts to help others.

Thoughts: Are you impacting? Are you trying to impact? In your home? In your work? In your ministry?


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