Monday, January 6, 2014

Lego Learning - 3 lessons from the store

I have recently been to a Lego store several times…not always for my youngest son. I noticed some important things, as I was in the store, that most stores ignore. All stores want customers. All stores want success and growth. All stores want to be profitable.

Lego has it right…even its name - Lego comes from Danish words “leg godt” which means “play well.”

So here’s what I learned…

1. It’s colorful.

Why are so many stores and restaurants dull and poorly lit? I don't get it. You walk into the Lego store and you see bright colors, lots of light and you're immediately lifted, in your spirit. Made me think about all of us. When people walk into a room, and you're there, are their spirits lifted? When you walk into someone’s office, is there joy on their face? Let’s all brighten the corner where we are!

2. There’s a play area.

Why does it just have to be Google and other tech companies that have play areas? Why don't stores have something fun going on when you arrive? I saw 4-5 kiddos and 2 adults playing at a Lego table. There were dads and sons and daughters and moms all involved in building little lego people. There were smiles everywhere! Let’s work hard, and let’s do what we have to for our daily routines, but let’s have some fun too. Are you putting some fun in your day, and in the lives of those around you? Spread the smiles!

3. The people there are happy - employees and customers.

When I entered the store, I was not only welcomed, but I was asked about my day, how I could be helped and if there was a particular set I was looking for! Then, when I asked a question, the employee went back in the back, ad busted out some pieces that I needed, just for me! The employees were all well mannered and seemed to care about this simple toy - Lego. Guess what that did? It made me (the customer) happy - and I’m even writing a blog about it, so they did it right, and it wasn't just once - it’s every time I go there.

We need to learn to be more like the Lego store.

Lessons Learned: let’s all “Play Well” - just like Lego.

Thoughts: Who have you brightened today? Do you have a Lego attitude?

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