Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let the scars come…

Really, I hate to get a cut. I’m a big wuss and have to show everyone in my family, that there is a gallon of blood flowing out of me, every second. Even a paper cut hurts, in fact, they may be worse that a broken leg - so glad I do everything electronically now - hard to get cut by my Mac keyboard. 

Well, there is a point to this one - sorry about the rabbit trail…Scars are very valuable…look at this old violin - it’s pretty beat up, but is still worth $325.

Each one has a memory attached.

The memory often becomes a really cool story about how you were attacked in a dark ally on a stormy night, in late November, under a full moon. Seriously, each scar has a history that reminds us not to do the same thing again. I once walked through a metal fabricating storage are without paying any attention and gashed my hand with a large copper piece. I learned that copper is not my friend, but gloves are. We all have a personal story that a personal scar tells and each of those may help someone else throughout their daily journey.

Each one has a purpose.

I have often thought scars come accidentally or because of our mistakes, but as live has moved forward, I’m learning that the scars may have been planned by God to keep us humble, to keep us choosing to learn, and to help others. Each of us has gone through tough times, and we all hate those times, but maybe I lost my job for someone else's benefit, or we lost our first child to be a blessing to another, or…the list could go on and on. God has a purpose in all the scars. 

Each one impacts learning and improvement.

When I dropped my iPad in the airport one day, I learned that I need to keep it in my bag when I’m entering the plane. When I trip over myself trying to help someone, I learned that they didn't care, they just liked that I tried to encourage them. When I got angry with one of my children, I learned how tender they are and how hardened I can be.

Each one allows for you to impact someone or something new. 

When my wife and I lost our first child to a miscarriage, we were devastated. It was very painful. I’m adopted and this was my first blood relative that I would know, it was our first child, and my parents first grandchild, so this was quite a blow, but God always has a plan. It made us trust Him more. It caused ministry opportunities with others down the road. It allowed for a sweeter relationship with my wife. It helped to prepare us for other heartaches in the future. It will allow us to understand that God has a plan that is better than ours. It’s going to make Heaven even sweeter…

Lessons Learned: We can all learn for the errors and mistakes that we make, and we need to let the scars be there to help us never forget.

Questions: What’s your scar?


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  1. So true and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write these posts. God is using you and I needed to be reminded of these truths. Especially that God is orchestrating our scars for something beautiful!


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