Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blossoming and flowers…

Flowers are cool.
They start as a little bud and blossom to be some amazing sights, with unbelievable colors, shapes and sizes. 
There are even some weeds that blossom into very neat looking flowering plants.
Blossoming is an act of God that is truly incredible. Little seeds turn into amazing creations in His plan.
People around you need to blossom too…

We don’t look at people as God’s seeds enough.
We look at them as projects, or work, or any number of other ways, but seeds?
Think about it for a minute. How does a seed blossom?
They need water.
They need sunshine.
They need soil.
They need the air.
They grow on purpose.
We need to focus on people to grow them and blossom them. We can’t look at the folks around us as burdens or work. We need to look at them with intense purpose and desire to help make them someone better than they are right now. We need to take them from the person they are today to a fuller person tomorrow.
How are you feeding those around you?
Are you watering them with help along the way? 
This will help them to grow to improve and impact. We all need some water as basic sustenance - we can’t survive without it. We water folks by helping them with the little things each day that cause them to change and grow. These are not the big discussions, or serious trainings, but the simple conversations and small pieces of advice, that make daily growth happen.
Are you providing sunshine?
If you've ever been through a few days of gloomy weather, you know how depressing it can be. Sometimes, it’s like that, in the winter, when you don’t see much daylight in the evenings and are off to work when it’s still dark in the mornings. That’s an awful feeling. We provide sunshine, when we see one that’s down, or discouraged and needs a boost. This is not a daily simple encouragement, but when we go out of our way to help someone that is defeated.
Do you provide the soil or air that people need?
These are the nutrients, or character building blocks that people need to help them develop strong roots and stable lives. These are more likely specific training, mentoring, or helping along the way, consistently. These are often with people that we have a little deeper relationship with.
All of the parts are needed and we can provide some portion each day, but it has to be on purpose, without accident. We have to be looking to help others along the way, and we have to make it a part of our lives. Others want to blossom, and grow, and change, but we do that as a team, most days…

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Thoughts: Who are you blossoming?
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