Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Temptation and alligators…

Wanna play checkers?

Are you tempted to chose the wrong thing?
Wouldn't it be nice, if all temptations for wrong had this obvious labels, or a nice little alligator sitting there, like the picture.
We wouldn't make the wrong choices very often.
We would walk away from sin, without looking back.
We could ward off the stupid choices we make.
Temptation to do wrong does not have a warning sign all the time…

The devil is sneaky and subtle...he doesn’t show the alligator behind the scenes, or give full disclosure on the consequences of sinful wrong choices that he offers us.
We have all made choices, during our lives, that hurt us in the long run, or the short run. The choices that we make everyday don’t just impact the day we are in, and we are tempted to do the wrong thing all the time.
Sometimes we looked at temptation as big choices with big consequences, but, I think that the small choices impact just as much…
Not saying thank you to someone who helped you.
Giving an ugly look to another driver.
Berating someone in the service industry that didn’t get it just right on your order.
That little look at something that you shouldn't see.
Saying that word that takes you down the path of vulgarity.
Belittling a coworker who said something way off base.
Coercing someone to do something they didn’t want to do.
Pushing a project along without a proper plan.
Arguing your point, even though your point is pointless.
Expressing your anger over something little. 
Taking the last piece of cornbread (insert a favorite food of your own).
Making sure you are first in line, while others wait.
These all seem like little things, but each one hurts someone else. Each one impacts a life around you poorly. Each one is a temptation that can be avoided. Each one can push someone away, that you were supposed to influence today.
We all have bigger temptations too...ones that hurt worse and longer than those listed above. We have to focus hard to chose the right way, as we go through our day.
Some little tips to help avoid temptation…
Ways to see/avoid the alligator…
  1. Realize that if your choice puts you first, it’s wrong.
  2. Look past the immediate situation to the impact you will have, with your choice.
  3. Being aware that others are always impacted by your choices.
  4. Knowing that the devil is never on your side.
  5. Memorize some verses and keep quoting them.
Be careful of your choices today and know that your choice impacts you and many others around you.
Lessons Learned: The alligator is out to get you, so don’t let up your guard.
Thoughts: Do you ignore the alligator somethings?
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  1. Great pointers- I think if we would all utilize these simple steps our world would be a much nicer place.

  2. TC - it starts with me...I have to use them too. Are we supposed to be convicted by our own posts? Thanks for swinging by once again...

  3. I find I am often convicted by my posts. Sometimes I think God is speaking only to me when I write and I am surprised when I find He is speaking to others as well. My Mnday series on "The Cost of Discipleship" continually speaks to me!


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