Friday, January 17, 2014

Broken Turtles...round 2

This is a re-post from two years ago, but it has been one of the most viewed of all I have written - I'm not sure why...hope you enjoy it...

The picture that you see is one that I took a while ago, when I was taking a walk in my neighborhood. This is not photo-shopped or edited in anyway. It’s what I saw and I had to stop and watch for awhile. I had a bunch of considerations come to my mind when I saw Mr. Turtle:
Who did this to him? Was it on purpose? Was the tape holding him together? What holds you together in life? What kind of tape do you use? If I unwound him, would his shell drop off causing him to be a naked turtle?
Why did they fix him this way? Would a vet have done more? Was this the best they could do? Did the turtle get mad at them? Was it one person who took care of him (is it a him?)? 
Was PETA watching from a bush somewhere to see what I would do? Was a person going to jump out and put me in handcuffs for not rescuing this turtle? Was I on camera? Should I strike a pose?
Should I take him home? Would he bite me? Would my children call him a strange name, like Road Kill, Squishy or Little Bob? Would he die on the way home? Would he taste good in soup (just kidding, PETA).
Would he make it across the street? Should I stay and watch him? Should I run before he chases me? How fast could he possibly run? Does he have a huge mama turtle that’s lurking around the corner that will kick me, Kung Fu Panda style?
Does he hurt still? Should I give him some pain medicine? Would a chewable version work best? 
How does he keep going and not give up? Would I give up if I had to live with tape all around my muscular torso? Is he itchy? Should I give him a quick back scratch? Would he laugh because it tickled? 
What’s his motivation? Does he have a family to feed at home? Is he in the lead of the Music City Turtle Marathon? Is he last? Does slow and steady really win the race? Should I cheer him on? “Turtle, turtle, your the best, your tape looks better than the rest!”
This post has probably given you a pretty good picture of how my mind works. It’s very inquisitive and I often come up with a completely different side of the picture, which I hope helps me understand life and people better. I also think we need to look at the comical side of life to keep life a little lighter.
Lessons Learned: Turtles live a rough life.
Thoughts: Why did a small thing like a turtle send me into this spiral of questions? Do you ever think of crazy questions like this?

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