Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This flame is cool. I like fire. Watching something burn is fascinating and it’s neat to see the constant changing of a fire as it burns. The colors are awesome and bright, and the flame flickering is mesmerizing. Fire is just one of those things that I could watch for a long time…the little kid comes out in me, for sure!

We all need fire to keep ourselves going, in whatever role, we're in - parent, employer, employee, child, student, etc.

The problem is…the flame goes out…

Here are 3 simple things that help the flame get going…not the usual - fuel, ignition and air…

It must be struck. 

Sometimes we need a challenge,in what we're doing to get us motivated. That might be a tough situation getting our attention. It might be a boss getting on to us about bad habits. It may be a spouse sharpen some hard situation with us. It might be a financial setback that puts us in a tight spot. It may be a parent having a hard time raising their child. It could be the lose of a loved one. 

These are not thing see want to go through, but the hit us hard. They strike us and put a new fire in us to move forward. They also draw us closer to the Lord, so we can seek His strength and power, for a new flame.

It must be excited. 

A flame that is bored dies out, because there’s nothing to keep the flame lit. An employee that loses their desire, stops working hard. A friendship that had a spark of un and joy, begins to smolder. A family that used to hang out together gets dampened by some event. A physical pain, or sickness burdens the excitement of life. 

We have to make a choice to be excited about our lot in life. It may not be our greatest situation, but we can only change it, by getting fired up about what’s ahead. The only true way to do this, is to trust in the Lord and seek His grace for rule for the fire.

It must be ready.

A wet match will not light, because it's not ready. Just like someone who is struggling with addiction, a change will not occur, until they make the choice to be ready to change. A friend that wants friends will find them. A person who wants the hard work can get that job. A spouse that wants to grow their relationship will help that relationship grow faster. A student that wants good grades will work harder to get them.

We have to be ready for whatever we have to do, in order for it to go well. The Lord is the only one that can give us the strength to make sure we are ready to light up our world.
Lessons Learned: Flames burn brightly, but can't go on without help.

Question: What are you struggling to keep on fire?

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  1. I have some pretty big goals right now -- mainly to get my book to the publisher -- so I am stressed. Sometimes I avoid stress by not dealing with or doing the work. I need to keep at it. Thanks for these great reminders. It reminds me of the worship song, "Set a Fire." I needed this like a spark needs oxygen to ignite. Thanks for that!

  2. Dayna - thanks for reading and for the kind words! We all need that fire some days!


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