Thursday, February 20, 2014

I wish I was a bird...really

Wait - should that be "I wish I were a bird?" 

When I go through a day that has challenges beyond what I like or a time where I have a lot on my mind or my heart, I look at the birds.
I know I talked about birds before, but I couldn't get this thought out of my mind…
Birds don’t have any worries, in fact, the Bible reminds us to look at the birds, more that once, and how they just keep going without worries.
Birds do the following…
They fly - they go above, around, or sometimes, even through the issues of life. We tend to mull around in what we have going on and struggle through it. 
Why can’t we fly like a bird?
They chirp - they’re happy most all the time and live in joy. We let the little things pile up on us or we have our joy stolen by the big issues in life. 
Why can’t we just chirp like a bird?
They focus on their family - we have a couple of birds that have built nests at our house this Spring. One under our deck and one in a - wait for it - a bird house we have on our deck. I’ve had the chance to watch these birds and they are constantly working on their homes and nests. 
Why can’t we focus on our families like the birds?
They don’t worry - they just keep doing what they were made to do. They don’t focus on the needs of the future, they just do what they’re supposed to now. We get to worrying about every little thing that comes to our mind and all of the things down the road. 
Why can’t we stop worrying like the birds?
I know this one’s a little short today, but it’s one of my simple thoughts and I wish I were more like a bird somedays…
Lessons Learned: Birds have it made, but we have it made just like them, if we chose to.
Thoughts: Do you act like a bird?

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