Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm positive...too...

You've probably seen this picture before...I want to be the optimist. 
Some that know me, realize that I’m a half glass full to full glass kind of guy. I most always look at the positive side of life and realize that the bad side of life is for a purpose. Life is not fair and I don’t like it sometimes, but I really believe that there is a purpose for the tough times and bad things that occur in life, even if they are my fault.
I’ve had a lot of things running around in my head lately, so here are some things that I’m positive about…
That I’ll fail miserably sometimes. I will take the little wins in the fails to encourage me to keep trying to move forward. I will not give up when I fail. I will use my failures to help others succeed.
That I’ll offend folks when I don’t intend to, or maybe, even intentionally. I will make it right with them, when I realize my wrong. I will call, write or see them to make it correct. I will humbly realize that I will fail at this again. I will try to focus more on others than me.
That I’ll hurt the ones I love, when I really need to hold them most dear to me. I will make sure my wife and children hear an apology from me and I will ask for their forgiveness. I will do my best to control this in advance. I will cherish my relationships in life, as best I can.
That I’ll make bad and even wrong choices in life sometimes. I will do my best to get the wrong right. I will work to correct the choice that was wrongly made. I will learn from bad choices and get better for the future.
That I’ll say or write the wrong things, when I shouldn't. I’ll figure out how to say things better. I’ll realize that the written word comes across more harshly than the spoken word. I’ll reiterate the things I meant to say or write, but do it correctly the second time. 
Those are all negative things, yet my title says “I’m positive…” The reason I’m positive is because I know that all of those things can be covered by personal forgiveness and can be corrected when I realize they are faults and wrong. I know that God works through our failures to help us get better and grow.
I can’t stop doing the wrong completely. I will still mess up and not meet other’s expectations. I will choose the wrong things sometimes. I will say things that can offend. I will fail when I thought I could be a success. 
The good news is, that I can, and you can, move forward to do better the next time. We don’t have to sit in failure or feeling guilty forever over things we’ve sad or done wrong. We can move on to he next step in life and realize we did our best to correct the wrong that was done. We are never truly defeated. We can always get up again, with God’s help, strength, wisdom and guidance.
Lessons Learned: Failure will not win the fight. You will likely fail a lot before you succeed and you may still fail after you succeed. Don’t give up.
Thoughts: Have you failed recently? Have you made it right, to the best of your ability? Have you moved forward after the failure? Are you thinking positive now?


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  1. Oh yes, I have failed many of times and even my own father called me a failure. Yes I am always trying to do my best in everything I do. I live with Head Trauma Injuries and Head Trauma Amnesia so for me I have to work harder to secede. Yes, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens Me!


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