Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm better than you...

I love moving sidewalks, on many levels (I don’t mean escalators, when I say many levels - that is a different post with many other thoughts.). I think these crazy moving sidewalks are cool, a great time saver, fun to ride, a little scary, but mostly I love them, because I beat all those people walking on the regular carpeted area of the airport. Losers!
I feel like Usain Bolt as I fly by them and get to Terminal A faster than they do. They are mere humans compared to me. I have super-human walking speeds just like Spiderman, Batman and Superman (wait - they had cooler powers than that, but you get my amazing comparison). I’m walking at least 1.5 times as fast as they are - I am extraordinary and they are feeble underlings in my airport kingdom. I am on top of the world! They are on the bottom just dying to be like me. They are envious of my abilities and incredible quickness.
Do you ever think you are better than others and then you get slapped in the face with the reality of who you really are? Do you ever think you are God’s gift to creation? Do you ever think more highly of yourself than you deserve?
This is when you are about to be humbled. It’s the time when something brings you down to earth. Your balloon bursts directly above you and you fall to the ground like that guy who flew with weather balloons in LA several years ago, in a lawn chair. You realize your not the person you think you are.
You are riding that moving sidewalk and then someone passes you - no way! They are running on the glorious coolness of the moving sidewalk and pass your super power. It’s true - you are not what you think - no superpower. 
You are riding on this long walkway and realize your coat or backpack is caught in the metal plates under your feet and about to tear. 
You get moving and suddenly have to stop, because of the person that is standing in front of you (how dare they mess up my super human abilities?). Who stands on the moving walkway, anyway!
You look at the person on the carpeted area and trip over yourself falling down to your knees. Always keep your eyes facing forward.
You get ready to jump off the end of the sidewalk and realize you misjudged your step and set your foot on the metal stop plate that stays still, while you are still moving, and do this wobbly dance as you get off the people mover. Very embarrassing.
You notice that an 80 year grandmother passes you, while she is on the carpeted section and you have to walk faster to catch her, even though you have the benefit of steel movers below you.
You come to the realization that you are not humble and you need to change your ways. You started this crazy concept of the bigger than life you, and it’s, not only not true, but it’s prideful and hurtful to others. 
We all have abilities and successes and we are blessed with them. They are not done by us alone. Do not let yourself believe that they are you. They are lies and they will only get you in trouble. You have to keep grounded, no matter what. You have fatal flaws and there is some kryptonite out there that will eventually slow you down and humble you.
Being humble about yourself, your abilities and successes kills the kryptonite and the flaws in advance of their power over you. You are just like everyone else - human. God honors humility.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe you have tremendous talent and you are doing some amazing things, but be careful not to let it go to your head. Your super human powers may end up embarrassing you as you fall on the moving sidewalks of life.
Lessons Learned: Be amazed at how you are blessed, instead of swelled up with your own self. You might pop and make a mess.
Thoughts: Have you ever tripped in front of someone else?

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  1. I don't think I am better than anybody else I don't even like myself. I do count my blessings and grateful for everything I have in life even it is not much I own.


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