Friday, March 23, 2012

Birds and trucks…

These birds were outside my front door - look carefully in the first picture...

You know, I’m not one to love loud noises. It seems to me that most of them are unneeded and just catch me off guard and bug me...

I don’t like my children yelling or squealing unnecessarily (is there ever a necessary yell or squeal other than someone dying?).
I don’t like for people to tap incessantly on a table or other object (I tend to break their fingers when I hear this).
I don’t like for people to have their music up so loud that you can’t have a conversation in your own car (I beep and rev my engine at them, and make them think I’m a police officer).
I don’t like the high pitched or extra volume pipes on a truck or car (do people really need any more attention? And then when I look at them, they give me the evil, creepy eye).
I don’t like to hear people smack their lips, or chomp, or crunch, as they eat (I usually throw my dinner at them, just so they get a good understanding).
I don’t like to hear a truck go by my house early in the morning with a huge roar (seriously, couldn't they go another way?).
I don’t like the birds singing, with such loudness, in the morning that they wake you up (B-B guns come to mind - just kidding…).
But…my wife shared these thoughts, in this next paragraph with me...
The other morning some birds were singing away, as they do, when the sun rises, and as they were, a large truck went by with a roar that seemed to drown out the birds. The interesting thing was that she couldn't hear the birds over the loud truck, but the birds kept singing and didn’t soften their tone, scatter away or give up their discussion. They kept singing all the way through the huge distraction.
BTW - 
What exactly do the birds talk about? 
Do they discuss their worries?
Do they gossip with one another about the fat birds, skinny birds, the loud birds, the 
nervous birds?
Do they discuss the weather?

Do they setup plans for the next bird bomb?
Do they try to decide how to make that huge bird cluster in the air you see sometimes, like a school of fish?
Do they talk about their favorite sports teams? The Eagles? The Falcons? The Blue Jays? The Pirates? (someone has to cheer for the Pirates - they usually have a bird with them…)
Back from the commercial break to some thoughts I had about this truck and the birds…
The birds never let the huge distraction impact their joy, their chirping discussions, their happy-go-lucky-attitudes, or their routine.
Do we let the distractions, that come our way, destroy our joy?
Do we let the huge issues, that present themselves, kill our happy-go-lucky attitudes?
Do we let the problems in life change the direction of our good conversations?
Man, was I hit by the simple example of some loud chirping birds! Thank to my wife for the thoughts!
They don’t let anything get them down or hurt their joy. They know they are fine right now and don’t worry about what goes on around them that bothers everyone else.
Lessons Learned: We need to be more like the birds and let the distractions roll off our shoulders.
Thoughts: What’s distracting you right now? Are you singing like the birds or roaring like the truck?


  1. Perhaps the birds know their Father in Heaven is looking out for them.
    Distractions come all the time.  The key is to not let them get to you.  Right now, my sweet old dog is not doing well.  I know his time on this earth is about done.  I know that my heart is breaking.  However, I also know the joy and peace of God and I am thankful to Him for my best friend.

  2. Good thoughts. We can't let it get to us...


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