Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love and pain...go hand in hand...

I love to learn from every situation in life and I often watch people to learn some great lessons, just from watching. 

Last week, as I arrived for surgery and sat in the lobby area, there were several families also waiting. One family sat near us and there was a Grandmother, Mom, Dad and their daughter. The daughter was having the surgery and looked to be in her early twenties. She was very sweet, but was mentally handicapped and seemed to be reacting at about an 8-10 year old level. She would sit and smile and wave at people and would say “Don’t slam door” when people exited the counseling/payment room. The door was automatic and slammed no matter what, so she said this quite a few times. It made us smile.
As they called her name to head back to her operation, she became nervous and paced and turned in circles. Her grandmother went to kiss her and she was just too nervous to do any of that right then. She and her mom and dad headed back to the prep room. I was next and when I got in prep room, she was across from me with the anesthesiologist and was very upset. They asked her some questions and her parents had to answer for her. She obviously knew what surgery was all about and didn't want to move forward. Her dad firmly told her to calm down and they finally got her all set with the drip flowing and her more calm. They dismissed her parents and rolled her to surgery. 
Her mom and dad walked past me and were both weeping very visibly, and were upset about this whole thing. It seems to me that it was the kind of hurt you feel when someone you love deeply goes through a trial, tough time or pain and you can’t help them. It’s hard to see a loved one hurt and struggle and not be able to do anything about it.  
It reminded me that we all have loved ones that will hurt in life or even fail in life and we will not be able to stop all of their hard times. We will sometimes have to weep with them or for them and pray that the Lord will help them. Pain is not fun and when you love someone, but it goes right along with that love, and it’s worth it when you have the opportunity to love a child like those parents did.
Lesson Learned: Expect the pain when you have love.
Thoughts: How have you comforted someone that you saw in pain recently?

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