Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sleep, Angry Birds and value...

When I fly, I usually try to sit up front (first row if possible) and I try to get a window seat, because I'm still enamored by the view, even though I've flown quite a bit. After I sit down and everyone else has entered the plane, I sit and figure out what I want to do while I fly. I usually have some items that I absolutely will do, but I also have others things that I could do. For example, I wanted to write this blog while in flight, but I then have a debate as to what the next "to do" should be.  
If I've flown a lot that month, the SouthWest magazine will be the same, but I could peruse it, or read the flight information card or the goofy Sky Mall magazine that has all the crazy gizmos and gadgets in it, or I could read on my iPad, etc. The other options are to sleep, play Angry Birds (or another game - Boggle, Sudoku, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, etc.), talk to the person beside me, or I could just look out the window. All of these options have some value and can be beneficial to me for rest, relaxation, entertainment, or interest. I have a choice, and I like to have some choices.
Failing here is likely to be small, but it's important still to choose wisely and not just focus on me. If the person beside me doesn't want to talk (which surprisingly is often the case) or is asleep, then I go to the next option, but this talking option is the one that is most powerful, because I can influence or encourage someone. I can read and learn something new, which I enjoy very much (I'm a Discovery channel kind of guy and like to learn more info). I can play a game and just enjoy a few minutes (I really like Angry Birds and am in the top 250 in the world - little bit on the bragging side - sorry, but I really like all the Angry Bird games - this could be a fail too) and try to improve my scores. I can rest a bit and catch up on some sleep, which is fine or I can look at God's creation out the window and be in awe.
So what did I choose? I did them was a three hour leg on this flight, but I didn't improve my scores any. 
Lessons Learned: We need a balance and it's good to have a mix of all the things above, but don't forget that influence and encouragement are still the best. You never really sleep well anyways. 
Thoughts: Have you influenced someone today? Do you like Angry Birds?

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