Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Blahs...no way!

I have heard that many people are depressed, or at least, a little down after Christmas and they struggle with discouragement during the days that follow Christmas day. I know that Christmas day has a huge build up, then the gifts are opened and the presents are viewed within a very short time - this leaves some with the let down of knowing it’s over. They then think that all the fun and joy of Christmas is over. This is a ginormous (that is a real word) fail!
We can’t look at Christmas for the presents, the lights, the music, that warm and fuzzy feeling you get, the excitement of watching children open gifts, the get-togethers, the church cantata’s, the children’s programs or even the time with family. The true JOY of Christmas is in the hope that we have in Christ - the real meaning of Christmas. 
It’s tremendous fun to do all the things that are offered at Christmas and it is an exciting time of year, but the Joy should never end and the excitement should be year round.  We should carry the season all year long (except for the cold) and keep the true Joy of Christ in our hearts - don’t let yourself get moody or down, just because one day is over.  
Lessons Learned: Joy is in Christ, and Christ is the reason for Christmas, so be joyful!
Thoughts: Do you have the Christmas day-after blues?

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