Monday, December 19, 2011

Purpose, Principled or Excuse driven...

There are many reasons we do things in life and each person has a plan behind the plan for why they do what they choose to do each day.  That's a good thing. We shouldn't just do what we do for no reason. We should have a purpose behind our actions and behind, even the thoughts, we have each day.  We can't run haphazardly through life without good reason. Life should be purpose driven, full of principles and character driven knowing our course and our direction.
On the other hand, there are many that have an excuse driven life that lacks true direction or character and that often is a big fail. Now, don't get me wrong, there are times in life that each of us is a little misguided and we may lack direction a moments, but we should never excuse all of that away and live our overall lives without proper character, principles and direction.
When I first started in sales, I had almost zero actual sales training and had to feel my way through the correct and best ways to sell to my customers and the best and right way to explain to my boss, when a sale didn't come in or why I wasn't able to close a deal. I started with excuses. I didn't realize they were excuses, until after I looked at them and thought through what I was actually saying. I was wrong, and I began working through the process of changing how I sold and how I reported to my bosses. 
I just started giving the details of what was actually happening and not the excuses. The true reasons and not the things that made me look good and others look bad. I had to give the explanations but not the excuses. If I failed in the sales process, I would just say it and if I communicated wrong, then I explained it and corrected it. I saw great things because of these changes. I began to be able to teach and train my customers, instead of trying to figure out the best tactic to sell. I became trustworthy to both my customers and my bosses, because they knew I was living by character and a purpose and not by excuses. God blessed me with success, because I now had principled purpose and reason and not excuses.
Lessons Learned: Living by principles creates our purpose and the right purposes are found in God's Word, the Bible.
Thoughts: What have you excused away lately? Personally? In business? In your family? With your friends? 

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