Friday, December 30, 2011

A fresh start...really?

Why is it that we have to have a fresh start on New Year’s day? I get that it’s a new year, so it makes sense to most to start fresh with new goals and their new ideas and plans, but why do we always wait and load up on new ideas just once a year? Aren’t their 365 days we can start fresh with each year? 
Fresh starts are very important, and we need them, and it’s extremely important to have goals in life and to follow through with the goals and new starts we have, but I’m afraid that if we do this just once a year, we will likely miss opportunities to start something fresh in July or September or February. The new ideas in those months can be huge for us, just like the ones on January first. They can also set us off on a new path mid-year that will motivate us to something bigger than us...I started this blog in the middle of October 2011, after thinking about it several times before.  It’s changing me and it may be impacting others too.
I’m not downing New Year’s resolutions, but don’t just focus on them on January 1st each year. Focus on starting something new regularly. It doesn’t have to be huge and time consuming, but set some goals as the year goes along, as well as on New Year’s day. Take time this year to do more, minister more, impact a life in a way you never have before, adding something to your family that will help you grow closer, help in your church in a new way, starting a new business, change a bad habit, thank someone who changed you in the past, take a teen out to eat and change their life, etc...
Any of these can be done in January, November, April, pick.
Lessons Learned: Don’t miss an opportunity to impact someone or start something new at any time.
Thoughts: What new thing is on your mind?

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