Monday, December 12, 2011

Winning is important...

I like to win. I actually love to win. Really, I better win when I'm in a competitive situation. When I sell, I like to win. When I lead a youth activity, I like to win. When I play a board game, I like to win. When I play sports, I like to win.  When I watch my favorite team, I like to win. I just like to win. It seems to me that we shouldn't compete if we're not at least trying to win. Winning is important. 
I think people give up too easy, and often, don't give it their all. Obviously, not everyone can win, but shouldn't everyone try? It seems impossible to me that folks give up prior to even competing. What causes that attitude? Who gives up so easy? When do they give up? The questions, to me, go on and on. 
Failure could be the reason. Some get used to it and then expect it. Others are embarrassed to win. There are those that have failed before and truly don't believe they can win at what they are involved with. Others enjoy the underdog syndrome, where they want the surprise of winning. A few like the attention they get as losers (ridiculous thinking in my mind). Others want to keep the expectations low, so they don't have to work hard to win. Whatever the reason, quitting in advance is not the best decision. 
I know I will not win everything that I'm involved with and, as you have seen, I fail regularly, so I don't sit with unrealistic expectations, but I will always try. Losing happens and I don't get all emotional and angry with it, but I will continue to have a winning attitude from when I start until the final buzzer. Winning and losing are contagious - pick winning. 
Lessons Learned: Losing is okay, only if you put your best effort into what you are doing. 
Thoughts: Have you ever given up early? What are you contagious with?

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