Monday, December 26, 2011

Today is family day...

If at all possible, take today and spend it with your family. 

Most businesses give you this day off for Christmas (even though it was yesterday), so take advantage of your time and your family and be with them.

Play a game, eat some goodies (or go get some - order a pizza), create a memory, if you have snow, go build a fort, take time away from all the other worries and stresses of life and just be with them. Cut as much as you can off (unless you are watching a movie together that you all enjoy) and focus on each individual in your family, so they know they are loved and important to you. 

This is the simplest blog I have posted so far...because I'm with my family (BTW - I set this as a scheduled blog, so I can be with my family today too!).

Lessons Learned: Family is the focus...not really just today, but everyday!

Thoughts: What game did you play?

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