Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bugs Bunny, an itchy head and a deep sleep...

The fail today is just plain silly. It's about me waking up after my surgery this week. I have only been put under one other time in my life and it was a very long time ago, so my experience with surgery and anesthesia is slim. I was given the drugs through inter-venous and they made me begin to feel sleepy in very short time. 
When the sleepiness started to happen, I began to feel the urge to giggle and it took great lengths to stop that feeling. I had to bite my lip, purse my lips, shake my head or think a serious thought to get rid of this desire to laugh - that was a little embarrassing and I didn’t let the nurse know. I was also a little cold, so they gave me a preheated blanket (now that's a marvel of modern science) and it felt very good.  They told my wife to go to the waiting room and began to move me to operating room 5. The nurse, Pat, told me it would be colder and in the O.R. and she would get me another blanket. They rolled me in backwards and the next thing I remember is starting to wake up in recovery.
This is where I fail and act like a 12 year old - I'm not sure I've ever really grown up, so this is no big surprise. I began to wiggle around and try to curl up into a ball, but I realized my foot hurt too bad to do that, so I just kept wiggling around, while my wife laughed. I also started to get chilled and my teeth started to chatter - they got me another warm blanket - WooHoo!!! I was shaking and quivering like when you get a surprise chill. Again, my wife laughed. I then came up with every question I possible could think of to ask - I don't know why I did that, but I kept asking questions, even while I would dose in and out of consciousness - I'm so weird!
It only gets crazier, because I felt like my head was incredibly itchy, so I would ask questions, quiver and itch my head vigorously all at the same time. I wish it was on video, because this had to be hilarious to watch me dose off and then wake up shaking, scratching and asking unnecessary questions. Right near the end of all of this, I stated a comment, rather than a question. I said "For some reason, I keep thinking about Bugs Bunny."  Where did that come from? What did Bugs Bunny have to do with my toe? Even I started to smile at that one - I have no idea why I said that. The good thing is, I now have improved my reputation - LOL.
Lessons Learned: I need not to have surgery anymore. Bugs Bunny is a good cartoon.
Thoughts: What's your favorite cartoon?

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