Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pizza and the rain...

I like to write in the moment, and at the time of this writing, I'm eating pizza and there's a cold rain just outside of Boston, where I am this week. It's kinda yucky, but the thin crust Ultimo pizza, at Angela's Coal Fired Pizza is incredible (if you are ever in the Boston area, search out one of their locations). I don't eat as much pizza as I used to - trying to eat better - but when I get an opportunity to eat at a specialty pizza place in an area that I've not been, I go for it.  The cold rain, however, is dampening (pun completely intended) my spirits a little.   
This makes me think about our everyday lives and the positives and negatives of every day that we go through. There are always good and bad things that occur each day. The salesman gets the sale and then realizes the customer forgot to sign a particular line on the contract. The electrician finishes fixing a light switch and then finds out that wasn't the problem. The mom gets the baby to sleep and then someone calls the house. The teacher completes a lesson and then finds out they taught the lesson too quickly for the class. There are ups and downs everyday.
The fail here is that I focused on the rain and not the pizza. The pizza will be remembered longer than the rain, if I make it the focus. We have so many good things that happen each day, but we let the little things become big things and ruin our joy. We should always try to look at the good and realize that, life happens, and a part of that life is negative, so just deal with it and move on looking for the next positive item in the day, which will come. 
Lessons Learned: Pay attention to the pizza and not the rain. 
Thoughts: What's your favorite kind of pizza?  

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