Friday, September 28, 2012

Got gas?

Some of you likely thought of your mexican lunch and maybe chucked a bit, at the title.

It’s Friday and most everyone loves Friday, because the weekend is here. We like it because, we get a little break from our regular routine and spend time with family, friends and go to our churches.

It’s a good thing…

So, when you go to work today, and feel that empty feeling because you worked hard all week, and the fuel light is on, stop on the way home, and fill up.

Make sure that you’re full so that you can impact your family, friends, and church family over the weekend.

You may feel overwhelmed by your hectic week, but those that are most important to you, need you over the weekend.

Monday will come again and you’ll have plenty of time to deal with the worries of the workweek. You’ll have another five days to deal with all that stuff.

Your tank needs to be full this weekend.

Lessons Learned: Don’t run on empty - you can’t change a life without fuel.

Thoughts: Are you impacting others?


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