Friday, September 21, 2012


I walked into the elevator ready to go home, and found these two friends…

We had a great conversation...they were quietly listening to every word I had to say. 

I told them all about my day and how I enjoyed the challenges that were put before me. 

I talked about the weather and the beautiful day we were having.

I spoke of the drive home and traffic conditions. 

I talked about my family and showed pictures to my new friends.

We talked about the weekend activities coming up. The vacuum was going to a flooring convention and the broom was going to be on the front porch swinging.

I discussed politics - one was a Democrat and the other a Republican - that became a touchy subject, and a little tense, but it ended okay. The broom felt like it would be a sweep in the fall elections and the vacuum thought the election process...wait for it..sucked.

We finished our conversation with discussion about the Yankees making the playoffs - I was amazed to find out they were both fans, even in the south.

Lessons Learned: You never know what will happen in a day, so be ready for anything that could come up.

Thoughts: Have you ever seen something strange in an elevator?


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