Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Never forget...

September the 12th is a day that I will always look at as a time for a new start. 

September 11th will always have a meaning that was never intended and that tragedy will always have an impact on our lives. 

For me, I will never forget. I well up whenever I see it or think about the impact on so many people. 

On the other hand...

I have to look at every September 12th as a time to start over. Even though I'll never forget what occurred that day, I will always look at the 12th as a time to start fresh and move to something better.

This, in no way means, that I put this aside, but when tragedy hits, or a touch time occurs, you have to go forward and not give up.

There was a tree amongst the debris, that was left for dead, because of where it sat, but it began to grow back, and became a healthy tree.  They moved it to a new location and it is still flourishing. It had a fresh start among the ashes.

Just like you should never forget, you should never give up!

So, what new thing are you trying to start?

Are you letting the past hold you back from what you could become?

Are you failing to get past the tragedy to get to the next step and start again?

I’m not saying it’s easy to get past a trial, or to put tragedy behind you, and really, you shouldn't just forget, but you should go on.

No matter how overwhelming the thing that occurred was, we get a fresh start, as long as we are here.  Not everyone gets the chance to start again, so if you have the opportunity to restart, then do it.

While I’m writing this, I’m watching a documentary that shows the tragedy of 9/11 and I am reminded of the horror of that day, and I just can’t imagine how incredibly difficult it would be to start over for those families, but they have and, now 11 years later, people have kept going with strength beyond what we think we could have.

I hope that whatever trial, pain, tragedy, or tough time you are going through brings a September 12th to you soon, so you can move on and start anew.

Lessons Learned: God has a September 12th for you and will give you the Grace to make it past the greatest trial you could possibly be in.

Thoughts: Are you giving up or trying to start anew?


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  1. As long as we have breath, there is a purpose for our lives.


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