Friday, September 7, 2012

Men working…

These signs are mostly a joke - I don’t believe them.

This is what should be happening - we should be working.

Too often we sit still, lazily focused on our hobbies, and other interests. 

Guilty as charged.

Sometimes, I should be working, but I’m easily distracted by shiny objects.

But this sign is thought provoking…

First - do we work?

Our society is filled wit people that don’t like to work hard or, even work at all. It’s incredible to me how often I see people, in a job, doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong - I’m by no means the perfect worker, but I make effort at what I should be doing and try to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to me, by my job, ministry or my wife (you know the honey do lists that all men have). 

It’s not easy to work hard, and in reality, we don’t have the kind of hard work that we did in years gone by. The work we have is not the work of 100 years ago, 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago. Technology has simplified our work and drawn us all into desk work, more than physical work. You can still work hard at that type of work, but I think that it may have made us a little lazier than previous generations. I’m including me in that.

We have to fight the desire to be lazy. We have to focus on diligence, and that’s hard sometimes.

Second - are we acting like men?

I don’t have all the answers for how a man should be, act, look, etc. I do know that we, as men, should be appropriate, thoughtful, kind, hard working, leaders, good fathers, good husbands, and treat others with common courtesy and respect.

Too often, our society represents men in the wrong light and we gain a reputation for being something we shouldn't be. 

We have to be what God wants us to be, as men. 

Third - do we see the signs of work?

If we look around, do we see work going on, or do we just see the sign that says work is going on. I believe that work should be actually happening, not just a sign only. How do we show more than just the signs of work?

  • Production - if something is produced, then it took work to have it happen.
  • Collaboration - if we communicate with and delegate, then there must actually be work to do.
  • Movement - if we see things changing, from the starting point, then something’s moving forward.

Lessons Learned: Work is more than a sign on the street.

Thoughts: Have you worked today?


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