Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Absolute devastating disaster...

I lost my Starbucks Gold rewards card! 
I checked in my wallet, in my drawer, in my office, in every nook and cranny (what exactly is a cranny, anyway?). I looked everywhere and it was gone. I thought I left it at a restaurant, called, and it wasn’t there either. It only had 49 cents on it, but it had my name on it and it was membership was ruined and I was in a panic. I sat all my children down under a bright light and questioned them, to see if it was a practical joke. I called the local police and had them question my wife to see if she had stolen away one of my most valuable items. It had to be an inside job.
Then I realized, I just had to order another one online, so I did. I didn’t even lose my $.49. Think I made too big a deal about it?
Obviously, I exaggerated this story just a smidgen, but it did bother me that it was gone and I couldn't figure out where.  I hate that kind of thing, and lose things very rarely, so it bugged me.
It also reminded me that some things in life are not that important and I need to relax.  I will have new shinny gold rewards card in my possession soon (likely, by the time this blog posts). I have to sit back and breathe and realize there are many other important things in life. 
I breathed and then went and played Sorry (yes, that old time board game) with my youngest daughter and had a blast.
Lessons Learned: Life is not about coffee. It’s not about rewards on earth, either. It is about time with my children. It is about not stressing out.
Thoughts: What have you lost that felt big at the time? How did you react? 


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