Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini-heart attacks...

We've all had them...nothing major. Just those little scares in life where you feel your heart stop or rapidly beat or something strikes fear into you, for just a moment, but enough to take your breath away. I was thinking about these and realized that they happen more regularly than I realized. I wonder if they actually hurt our hearts, or if they act as a recharge and give the battery a boost of energy for the rest of the day or week? I'm going with the recharge, because it's more positive and I really don't want to know if it's the other, anyway.
You know what I'm talking about...
When you sit in a reclining office chair just a hair too far back!
When you look up, while driving, and someone cuts you off!

When you are looking at that goofy train, bicycle or other trick video and the scary face flashes up at you!
When you know someone is downstairs and you keep calling them and they leap out at you!
When you step on the first stair and realize you missed!
When you lean on the counter and you hand moves unexpectedly!
When you step on the sidewalk and the ice/snow takes your foot out from under you! 
When your sound asleep and thunder wakes you suddenly!
When you are deep in thought and someone calls your name!
When you are in a room and someone walks up to you and you didn't hear them come in!
When you take your sock off and you break your pinky toe! One day I will tell that story! 
When jack jumps up out of the box after you crank that little handle...like in Elf!
When you walk out of the house and realize you forgot your phone!

You see blue lights in your mirror! (Canadians - that's not a snow plow in the US)
When your cell phone vibrates/rings and you didn’t expect it!
When you are walking down the hall and the cat jumps on your leg!

When someone lights some firecrackers in a pot behind you!

Thanks for reading my blog - I know today was pointless, but I hope you laughed a little...tomorrow has an actual lesson and story...
Lessons Learned: Mini-heart attacks make you laugh. Hope you have a heart attack today. You did notice the picture today is an exact resemblance of a heart, didn't you?
Thoughts: What’s your latest mini-heart attack? Share some in the comments area...


  1. When you are riding on empty trash cans having races during early stay in an open gym, and you think you are all alone, and the principal suddenly walks in...

    1. Wow, does that bring back memories. One's that you now experience on the opposite side...thanks for reading and for commenting.

  2. When you open the kitchen door in the church office and a mouse runs across the kitchen counter....and yes, this just happened to me and I'm very scarred from it! Oh sweet victory...caught him the next day, but his cousin is still there somewhere!

    1. Brandy - LOVE it!! Wish you had it on video! Hilarious. Thanks for reading and sharing.


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