Monday, January 2, 2012

Thanks for failing with me...

It's quite enjoyable, for me, to write down thoughts in each of my blogs, and I sit in amazement that anyone would be interested in any of the thoughts that God gives me, as I write. I do know that it's important to take failure in stride and learn lessons each time you make that next mistake. It's encouraging to see that people are reading and following this blog and, my hope is, that the stories that I share are the same encouragement to each of you. 
Failing is cool - I didn’t say that by accident. It’s a privilege that we all (everyone of us) get regularly and we can either do it and grow from it, or we can bask in it and wallow in it without moving forward in life. I’m choosing to move forward and grow and change, so that I don’t repeat it, or if I do repeat, I do it better the second time. I’m not done failing and I will become the best failure I can be (rereading that last line, sure makes me sound like an idiot, but it’s true). I can only improve from my weaknesses, flaws and fails.
I hope you fail a lot in 2012 and that each failure hurts (if it doesn’t hurt, then you really don’t care about what you’re doing). If it doesn’t cause you pain as you fail, then you might want to try something different that you really like to do, and you truly respect. 2012 will either be the year that you take what you learn and move into something better, or you keep rolling down the same path you did before. It’s up to you.
Lessons Learned: Failing will make you better each time you do it, if you let it. You have something big in store this year, if you don’t give up.
Thoughts: How bad do you hurt when you fail?

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