Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still failing? I hope so...

What a Jerk!!! Who would say such a thing! I hate me for saying it...
I probably made a few people angry with this title, but I really mean what the title says. I expect you to fail in 2012 and, unfortunately for you, I’m cheering on the fails. I hope you have a hard time with something in your life this year, and you struggle to finish a project or goal. I hope that some small failures happen this year, so you become stronger than you are today. I’m not hoping for something big, but something that will teach you and prepare you for bigger challenges.
I don’t expect you to plan to fail, because that’s not actually failing anyway - that’s giving up. You can’t fake a failure. That’s not how it works. Failure is not expected, in that way, but it is expected to happen. Planning to fail is also foolish, so don’t do that. Can you imagine a bicycle company that made their bikes with wheels that fell off on purpose or a car that’s airbag shot out the window, instead of towards you to protect you? It would be crazy to try and fail, in advance of starting something.
I’m talking about the reality of failure. You will fail and when you do, pick your self back up and move forward towards the goals you have. You don’t quit and you don’t plan on failing again - you just get going and get better.
By the way, the picture today is an example of a finial fail. This finial was made correctly, but it’s over 4 feet tall (as you can see). The home owner wants a two foot finial - a finial is a tall pointy thing that goes on a roof - very technical, so sorry if you don’t understand...years of training goes into learning these types of big words...
Lessons Learned: Failing is good for you - share it and learn from it. I will use #failalot in my tweets and on Google+ regularly, to remind us failing is okay. Add your tweets and + updates to the list with that hashtag, so we can all learn.
Thoughts: What have you failed in recently? Share it - you may encourage someone.


  1. Thank you for this post! It was a huge encouragement. I'm hoping this tough time I'm going through will help me cope with even bigger and tougher times in the future...even though it seems like nothing else could be worse at the time. God's grace is sufficient for all of our needs...When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock...! Thanks again!

  2. Katie...I promise you that the tough times will continue to come, but God gives you the past to help he present, and true, His grace is completely sufficient for every need.

    BTW - your note was as huge (and I mean huge) encouragement to me! Thanks

  3. Thank you Craig - your words are very insightful. Some of my experiences show that the harder the "failure" the better the reward. My wife and I are dealing with a very tough pregnancy and through these tough times God has tested us both. We both know that after we weather this storm that the sun will shine brighter than it ever has before.

    Keep us in your prayers and as always pray that "God Think through me, Live through me, and Love through me."

  4. Mr. Frost - God knows and He pays attention to your prayers. I will keep praying.

    Great thought "The harder the failure, the better the reward." I like it! Look at my blog about bike seats from last week - it's that concept exactly.


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