Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amazing sight...

The picture you see in this post is one that I took while flying (wait, you probably figured I was in the air - had a Madden moment there). The picture is unlike I have ever seen while flying before. I’ve seen cool sunsets, crazy clouds, other planes, weird cloud shadows on the ground, but this one was different. It was the sun glowing off a cloud below and putting the plane’s shadow right on top of it. It was a sight that I had to point out to the person sitting beside me, because it was amazing, cool and likely once in a life time.

I hope you see God in a way that you could never explain this year, just like that photo. Maybe we can explain the photo, but it was pretty amazing for me to see and that’s how I want you to see the Lord work in you and through you this year. 
It’s very exciting to see something unusual happen in life, like the time I was riding a roller coaster in Atlanta, with some teens from my youth group, and we saw an LG Envy phone float above our heads and seem to stay in mid-air for a few minutes. Another time (same coaster) we saw a dime fly straight up in the air and land directly on my knee, and stay there...
I think we miss seeing God do amazing things each year, because we just aren’t looking for something amazing to happen, or we see it and explain it away. I want the Lord to do things that I just truly can’t explain, because I know it’s Him.
Lessons Learned: Look for the amazing this year.
Thoughts: What amazing things have you seen in life? By God? Or even like my picture?


  1. I think also, God does amzing things in our life during trials and testings...and at that time we really don't see it until we have "come through the fire". The end result is always better than we could ever ask or think! Praise God for his faithfulness and goodness!

  2. Several years ago, when I was commuting from Murfreesboro to Nashville, I saw an airplane near Hickory Hollow was very low and at such an odd angle. It seemed to not be moving at all...just dangling in the air. It was so weird, and obviously an optical illusion. But it captured my attention so much and I have never forgotten it.
    I agree with Katie W., God definately works in trials...often because that is a time that we take our hands off of situations and truly pray. I thank the Lord that He is always right there...for the everyday small things and the HUGE monsterous trials that overwhelm us at times! And just to bless us with things that we know came from Him or that show us His greatness.

  3. Brandy - I saw 2 planes like that in NJ today - very strange.

    God is at work - so thankful He doesn't give up on us...


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