Thursday, January 12, 2012

Got a new shirt...being different is good...

This shirt is too small, however it’s one of the coolest shirts I have ever received. No offense to Aunt Sally, but this one is way cool. It’s an example of being different. Different is good and different is how God made us. We are not the same and we all like different things and have different ideas. I used to wear a button (back in the eighties, when it was cool to do so - or was it?) that said “Why be normal?”  I was never normal and I’m still not - I don’t want to be normal or like everyone else. In a not big-headed way, I want to stand out in the crowd (not because of the Hawaiian shirt though). God made me and I’m proud of what He accomplished - you see He is too.
So, I got this shirt in the mail from a marketing/website development company. I thought it was awesome! I met the owner on a plane a few months ago and she gave me some great advice for my company and for my blog. We exchanged business cards and she sent this shirt in the mail. I dare not unfold it, because it’s way cool and I don’t understand how to do “squash folds” in origami - I am only a 3rd degree orange belt in my training. 
The thing that I loved about this is that it was different...unlike the rest. I have received lots of tokens of appreciation, lots of little marketing squishy toys, lots of cool business cards, lots or shiny distracting objects...pause...I had to find out what was reflecting off the wall. I have had some neat things sent to me, but this one was well presented and created a memory. I am writing about it, so it did what she was trying to do and caused me to think about their products/design and plan. 
I think we need to remain different and not be like the crowd. I hate lines, not just because I’m impatient, but because I feel like I’m just one of the herd and being corralled into the same group as everyone else, without being myself. I think we are made different and should want to be different.
By the way (am I uncool for not putting BTW?), I showed a picture of this shirt to some of our teens and one of the boys jumped in and said, “I can make that with a tie…give me a dollar.” I figured he was plotting to get a free dollar, but I let him try and then a few minutes later he handed me the one you see in the picture below.  Thought y’all might like it.
Lessons Learned: Be different and accept that you are who you are - you will be better off for it in the end, no matter how you were created.
Thoughts: Have you every received a cool marketing gift in the mail? Tell us about it.


  1. Thanks for the promo Craig. I mentioned it today on my website's blog. I enjoyed your pic today of the taped turtle - poor little guy (or gal)!

  2. Damien - thanks for stopping by and for the plug on your sight...really liked the cool shirt!


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