Monday, January 30, 2012

DUI’s and great hair…

You may have looked at the title today and thought, “Craig’s been arrested and he’s sharing his mugshot!” I am sharing my mugshot, but it’s from a long time ago and it’s an incredible picture of me - I mean, just look at it - have you ever seen such a great photo (faded and all)? I should have been in television, or on billboards or some other very famous career.  Awesome ends with "ME!"
That’s why I called this blog “DUI and great hair…” 
First of all the hair is quite obviously fantastic and I’m thinking about bringing the style back again (the Afro-Mullet needs a comeback), and look at that incredible brown sweater, white shirt and brown tie combo! Extra cool is the fact that the tie was a sock tie and I even tied it myself...I can’t believe I never made it into the movies!  
The DUI part is a little more serious. “Drastically Underrated Image!” 
I think most of us would love to bury the past and all the photo’s that go along with it, but I’m not sure that’s the best thing to do. We probably have some demons from the past that we don’t like and created hurt for us and other’s, but the truth is, the past is great for our future.
I love to reminisce about past days, friends, successes and failures. It’s not that I’m stuck in the eighties with my Afro-Mullet, but I know that the past encourages the now and the future. I take all those areas, I just listed, and I learn from them.
Past Days - I know that the good times that occurred on “those days” will happen even more now because I have more friends and family then I did back then. “Those days” become “these days” and they add to the pile of great things that occur in life.
Friends - I know those friends from the past will usually remember the good times and not the bad. They often encourage me about things I did that I didn’t even know I had done. Sometimes they even share a moment of thanks for something I did for them, that I can’t recall or didn’t think anything about, at the time. Old friends bring old and new blessings.
Successes - the past successes help us to know more will eventually come. We can’t sit on them or dwell too heavily on them, but they help us to know the hard times now will get better and I know that the successes help encourage more successes. Some people throw away old trophies, but I keep some around (you know I have thousands to chose from) just to remind me that I can see more in upcoming days. Past successes breed new successes.
Failures - you knew I would get there and I did. Failures of the past are growth for the future. We have to remember them, so we not only don’t repeat them, but we improve from them. Failures from the past may bring up old wounds, but they help us to the successes now too.
Lessons Learned: My hair style may not come back, but the past will help me now.
Thoughts: What past connections have you made recently and how have they helped you?


  1. For me the past is, thankfully, the past.  My family has always been my comfort zone.  I have friends, but they are all friends I have made in the last 20 years - anyone from before that is just a memory.  When I came to faith in Jesus, He assured me that what's done is done; what's done is forgiven; time to move on. I love what He has in mind for me today and tomorrow.

  2. Good point - here are certainly many things from our pasts that we need to set aside and forget...thanks for reading and keep stopping by...

  3. Good point - here are certainly many things from our pasts that we need to set aside and forget...thanks for reading and keep stopping by...

  4. danblackonleadershipJanuary 30, 2012 at 11:56 PM

    I have been able to connect and learn from friends and mentors who have impacted my life. Great post.

  5. It's awesome to learn from our old friends. Thanks for stopping in.


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