Monday, January 16, 2012

Are you kidding me?

That's my immediate reaction when I have someone do something, or say something to me or someone else that is wrong (and I mean wrong in a bad, mean spirited, unkind way). It may be the girl that cuts me off in a parking lot, or the guy that says a snide comment in line to someone for no reason, or I see a man enter a building and let the door shut in front of an elderly person, or I see a mom being unkind to their child, or when someone cusses in front of a child or in public, etc. I am in shock when I see people being inconsiderate to others - not in the jesting way, but in the "I don't care" kind of way. It's just wrong, and it bugs me.    

Sometimes I will say something to the person, which can create a whole different issue and cause me a problem, but I just can't stand it. More often than not, I will let it alone, if it's towards me, but if it’s towards someone else, I often say something to defend that person. Is that wrong? Am I supposed to mind my own business? Should I stand up more? I'm never really sure, but I know it bugs me, so I say something to try and help.
I was on a youth activity and a man cussed me, and the teens I was with, for blocking the way (teens are like corralling cats - try it - you will understand perfectly). I turned and stared him down and firmly said "Watch your mouth, Sir! There's no need for foul language. Sorry we got in your way." He looked at me with a deer-in-the-headlights kind of look, and didn't respond. I figure he was a blow-hard kind of guy that wasn't used to people standing up to him, or my very scary physique frightened him. We walked on and a couple of my teens looked at me with kind of the attaboy look - honestly, it felt good, but did I handle it right? I'm not totally sure. I just know that a lot of people in our society don't care about anything but themselves in many cases that's not good.
Lessons Learned: We all struggle with selfish actions sometimes.
Thoughts: What do you do in these situations? How do handle other people doing wrong?

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