Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Smooth Stones…

We all have giants we face. 
What giants are you facing today? 
What’s holding you back from your dream, goal, plans or God’s direction for your life? 
What’s in your way right now?
David grabbed five smooth stones to use on Goliath and his brothers. 

What stones do you need to use to take down your giant?

Smooth Stone #1
Fear - We let fear hold us back from trying the next big thing. Some are afraid of technology because they don’t understand it and think they will break something. Some are afraid to be successful. Some are afraid of a new challenge and like the status quo. Some fear the unknown that lies ahead. Some fear getting hurt in the process of going for that new dream or idea. Some fear that others won’t like the direction they’re going. Some fear they will lose money. Some fear the fear itself. 
Don’t let fear control you. Let fear motivate you to move forward. 
Take a smooth stone to the fears that you have, today. 
Smooth Stone #2
Failure - We can’t let past failures ruin future successes (I need to copy-write that one). We all fail. You read about my failures all the time on this blog. You hear about others failing. You have failed. So what! Try something new and fail again. Big deal. As my quote on the top of my blog says. "Fail a lot. Let it hurt. Fix it. Take the risk. Fail some more. Grow from it." Failure is good for us and helps us grow to be better the next time. Failure may hurt, but failure produces the most successes too.
Don’t let failure hurt your progress. Use it to know that you can do better next time. 
Take a smooth stone to the failures of the past, today.
Smooth Stone #3
Future - We forget about the future - I said that right - we don’t think about what’s ahead and the impact we may have on people just by doing the right thing now. We don’t realize the way we could change the area we live in, or others around us by standing up to the giant that’s in front of us. David didn’t have any idea how he would change the future and even impact this simple blog. He faced his giant and the other brothers and changed the world. We were able to learn the lesson from him and now we can change the future by standing up to the huge issue in our life today.
Don’t let the future out of your sight. Use it as a motivation to do what you need to do today. 
Take a smooth stone out for the future, today.
Smooth Stone #4
Fruitfulness - We look at success with trepidation and do our best to not be the best. We don’t jump on the bandwagon of doing well. We jump on the road of being mediocre and make little to no effort to be on the top. Now, not everyone has to be on top, but lots of folks give up before they try, so they don’t have to deal with the possibility of success at what they are doing. It doesn’t have to be huge success on a national platform or becoming someone famous in the public eyes, but many don’t want to be known for success because others will expect it all the time.  That’s a giant that needs a stone.
Don’t let fruitfulness be a reason not to do your best. Do your best at everything you do and if you do better than expected, just be grateful and keep going. 
Take a smooth stone out for fruitfulness, today.

Smooth Stone #5
Friendship - We look at others for direction and for encouragement to keep going in our efforts. Sometimes we don’t get the direction we need and we don’t get started with our dreams, goals, plans or follow the Lord’s will. Often we don’t get the encouragement we need and we become defeated right in the middle of our efforts and we get stopped from moving forward. We get to a point where we are lost and we think no-one will help us with what we want to do and we give up. We stop because we either don’t have people that keep us focused or we have too many people telling us we can’t do it.
Don’t let the wrong friendships be a reason not to move on your dreams. Find people that will stick with you along the way and encourage and help you on. 
Take a smooth stone out for wrong friendships, today.

These may not be the giants in your way, but often these are some that hurt your progress.
David took his stones out and had them ready for the giants that came his way. 

Have you picked out your stones so you can fight off the giants that are in your way? 
Lessons Learned: Giants will be there, but you can fight them with the Lord’s help, just like David. Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me in my efforts on this blog - you became a smooth stone for me! 
Thoughts: What giants are you facing today?

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You could help someone with one of their Smooth Stone needs. 
Thanks in advance. Seriously appreciate each of you that read my blog.


  1. danblackonleadershipFebruary 20, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    This post Rocked(punt intended)!!!

    The main thing that holds me and I believe others back is fear. I have made it a point to when I'm feeling fearful to do it anyway. Though this is a challenge and I don't face my fears every time, I'm making progress and trying to move forward while fearing the unknown or what others might think about me.

  2. Dan - love the pun and the comment. I was fearful this blog was going to be too much, so you just helped me in my fear. Thanks for the kind word and for reading.

  3. danblackonleadershipFebruary 20, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Defiantly not to much. It feed me spiritually and also encouraged me.

  4. Hi Craig,

    I just found your blog from where you commented on Jon Acuff's blog. I've read 3 of your past blog and enjoy them. This stone comparison to over come fear is awesome! you have a new follower on FB, and via email. Keep up the simple, funny, and helpful insight.

  5. JJ - thanks for following and reading. Glad it's an encouragement and keep the comments coming!


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