Thursday, February 16, 2012

Which way is it?

What a crazy life we live. It’s truly challenging to know what to do next. We all have lots of direction questions in life and we don’t know where to turn next. That’s what I saw in the picture today. So many signs and so many ways to go. Lots of things to do. What direction do you go?
What’s the next step in life? What is my next career move? Is there a next career move? Should I get the caramel Brûlée latte or the peppermint white mocha (tough one there)? Should we homeschool? Should we help in that new ministry? Should we buy a car or minivan (little obvious on that one - car - Duh!)?  Should I eat that donut (again - obvious)? Should I pay this bill or that one first? What college should I go to? Should I go to college?  Should I marry that guy or girl?
Apply those questions to yourself and add to the list. You have some choices and the direction isn’t always as obvious as a sign or the donut choice.
I wish this post was the answer to your questions, but it’s not. 
There are lots of ways to debate the choices you have in life and many ways to weigh the opportunities that come your way.  You can put a list of positives and negatives together. You can ask people, with life experience, what they would do. You can talk to a trusted adviser that you share things with. You can seek counsel from your Pastor. You can talk to your spouse or loved one. Most importantly, you can pray about it. In fact, all of these things should probably be done, when you have a big choice in life, but the answer isn’t always clear cut.
What do I do next? 
  1. I do that whole list above a second time and dig deeper.
  2. Sometimes I go through that list a third time.
  3. I pray a lot more and seek God’s direction.
  4. I make a choice and go forward knowing I have done what I can with the information that I have.
Do I always make the right choice when I do all of that? 
Choices are tough and sometimes you will make bad ones. Sometimes they will be small and easily corrected and sometimes they will be huge and very tough to deal with, but you will eventually have to make the choice. You choose that college, or job, or person, or ministry, or donut, or cup of Starbucks. You get to the spot where you have to make a choice and you use your best judgement with all that study, counsel, prayer and God’s direction and you go for it. You choose.
It reminds me of some boys, on my youngest son’s basketball team, when they inbound the ball. Some of them look at each of their teammates at least 2 or 3 times before finally making the choice of who to pass the ball to. They study the best opportunity and finally make the choice.
After the choice is made, you do the absolute best you can with your choice and don’t regret it. You have no option but to live with it and to make it the absolute best you can. God will honor that, and you will be blessed.
Lessons Learned: Study, pray and think hard about choices, but make choices.
Thoughts: What tough choice have you made recently? What tough choice are you considering now?


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