Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Graduation fail…#2…and a hair cut…

Really, this might need to be graduation fail number one, because it happened as I graduated my one year Bible program finishing my first year of college, but I digress…My first graduation fail is here - Grad fail #1 - really it's my second graduation fail, but I digress again...just read...
So, the story goes like this…
I was about 2 weeks or so from graduation after a full one year program (we started in late August and ended the following year in late August) and I was excited about graduation. As every college student is, I was low on cash and looking for ways to keep it cheap. A couple of the girls in the school cut hair for free or very cheap and I had a fairly simple haircut - figured I would be fine and I had had them cut my hair before.  
I sat down and she started with the clippers - cut the front, then the sides and finally to the back. Love the feeling of the way the hair falls off your head and into your shirt, eyes, mouth and all over your clothing...really great, no seriously. As she was working on the back of my head she said “Whoops!!” and I said “What do you mean, Whoops?”  The blade comb fell of the clippers is what I was told. Figured she would just pick it up and keep going, but she said that it didn’t just fall off, it fell off as she was cutting my hair, meaning that she used the actual comb-less clippers directly on my head. I reached back and felt a section that was about 2 inches by 2 inches of skin - no hair at all! I mean zippo!
Now what would I do? I can’t see the back of my head, so should I just forget about it? Do I get a marker and fill it in? A hair piece? Do I punch the girl in the arm? Do I cry (wait, that’s not very manly)? Do I have some hair replacement surgery? 
This was the dilemma. I graduate in a short few days and the goofy cap doesn’t cover the hole!  I got an eyebrow pencil from one of the female (all the male students wre selfish and wouldn't give me their’s - joke - just kidding) students and for about 3 weeks, I filled in the hole with a closely matched color. Only a few people noticed and no-one realized it at graduation! 
The fail today is, never take the cheap and easy way out. 
I take the easy route sometimes, even now - not with haircuts, though. If you cut corners, you will fail. 
Lessons Learned: Haircuts stress me out. I’m going back to the Afro-Mullet. Look at DUI's and great hair
Thoughts: Have you ever had a bad haircut?


  1. Oh dear, that was a dilemma, but nicely handled. I've had a lot of bad haircuts over the years. I have rather long hair and prefer to keep it that way. A couple of years ago I went for a haircut and told the stylist not to cut off any more than an inch or so... she cut off half a foot. I hate to admit it, but yet, I cried. I haven't gotten my hair cut since; which is bad because it really needs it. But I'm now afraid of stylists. :/

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