Sunday, February 26, 2012

New view…

When I fly, I always try to get a window seat. It’s not because the seat is wider or nicer, or I only have one person sitting beside me. It’s simply because of the view. It never gets old. It’s fun to pick out sights that you recognize, or figure out what road is what, or to see a Google Earth view in real life, or to look at clouds from he topside, or see what a cloud does as you pass through it, or to see the ocean on one side, and a mountain on the other. How amazing.
Everyday, I mean, every single day, I see something new and interesting. It may not be interesting to everyone, but I look for a new view everyday. Life is so much more fun when you have something interesting to see or be involved in each day. There are so many things in our world to see. It’s amazing what God has done and how He created so many interesting things.
Look at children. There’s always something new to them and they are constantly trying to learn new things. Every time they see something new, they have to stop and look at it, then they take time to comment on it, and they must have you look at it too. We often pass it off as old hat and minor. We forget the learning experience and we forget to be in awe. We get busy with our routines and details and forget to sit back and “see the roses” (I know the saying is “Smell the roses.”).
What amazes us is often what we choose to have in our hearts. If our hearts are sensitive to people, they are often sensitive to our surroundings. If our hearts get bothered by people, we often miss the amazing sights around us. Our hearts are fickle too - one day, we care very much about the connections we have in life and the next, we are completely devoted to ourselves. We ride that ride all over the place, but I love when we are in the spot where we are sensitive to others and to our surroundings.  That’s when we get that awe inspiring moment, that we would have missed otherwise.
Lessons Learned: Keep your eyes open to the amazing sights that God has for you. Keep your desire on helping others, so your eyes can see the awe! Always look for a new view!
Thoughts: What amazing things have you seen lately? In our world? In others?

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